Our Community Hub

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Our Community Hub is an affordable Engagement & Communication Platform (consisting of apps, a website and an online content management system) that gives any type of community:

> a central hub for information and activities

> the ability to send free push notifications and emails to the mobile phones of community members

> the opportunity to generate advertising revenues

The platform is white-labelled (we tailor it to suit - branding, icons, content, etc), GDPR compliant, approved by Apple and Google and works out of the box. Amongst others, it is used by: the London Borough of Havering to connect the community of residents, local support organisations and the Council; the eleven villages comprised in the glorious East Neuk of Fife to connect the community of local clubs, community groups, attractions, businesses, residents and visitors; and West Dunbartonshire Council to connect the community of school and adult sports clubs, participants, parents and the Council.



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