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Our Community Hub is an affordable Engagement & Communication Platform (consisting of apps, a website and an online content management system) that gives a “community”: (a) a central hub for information and activities; (b) the ability to send free push notifications and emails to the mobile phones of community members; and (c) the opportunity to generate advertising revenues.

The platform is white-labelled (we tailor it to suit - branding, icons, content, etc), GDPR compliant, approved by Apple and Google and works out of the box. Amongst others, it is used by (a) Shrewsbury Town Football Club to connect the community of fans, sponsors and club; (b) a Scottish Government Agency to connect the communities in the Western Isles; (c) the London Borough of Havering to connect the community of residents, local support organisations and Council; and (d) the seaside town of Stonehaven to connect the community of local clubs, community groups, attractions, businesses, residents and visitors.



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